Monday, June 28, 2010

Taiwan in a Nutshell Vol. 1

Taiwan, also known by it's Portuguese name "Ilha Formosa" which means "Beautiful Island," is situated in the Pacific Ocean right off the coast of mainland China. Many people have asked us about Taiwan's political relationship with China. That is a good and complicated question. The answer seems to be that it depends on who you ask. Apparently, there are two main political parties in Taiwan. One of them desires to have close ties with the mainland, the other prefers to emphasize Taiwan's independence.

Taiwan's main island is 245 miles long and 89 miles wide. It is home to an approximate population of 23 million. 93% of these people hold to a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. 4.5% claim to be "Christian." This number includes Protestants, Catholics, and Latter-Day Saints. The remaining 2.5% are adherents of various other religions, such as Islam.

Please pray for the people of this island, that the one and only true God would draw them to Himself. Pray that these people would reject the idols that they currently serve and commit themselves to a life in Christ.

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