Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Could it be Taiwanese Tummy?

Dear Friends,
With a new culture comes new lingo. When I lived in Turkey, there was a constant fear of what we called Turkish Tummy...(really bad stomach issues). Unfortunately, Beth (and myself to a much lesser extent) were struck by what we thought was Taiwanese Tummy a couple days ago. Yesterday, we were both sick as dogs. I felt much better this morning after I woke up, but Beth is not doing any better. There has been a terrific Taiwanese lady, who just so happens to be a pharmacist and the pastor's wife, helping us out. She has said that Beth probably has some sort of bacterial infection. Therefore, tomorrow she will get a live and upfront look at a Taiwanese hospital.

-Please pray that we, especially Beth, would get to feeling better soon. Pray that it would be something that might easily be taken care of.
-Please pray for us as over the next few weeks we will be involved with a jr. high kids camp. This camp is being held at a local church and is designed to use English to build bridges with area youth.

-We praise the Lord that I have been able to find a job. It should start up in the next couple of weeks.
-We are extremely grateful that our transition over here has been smooth and (aside from getting sick) pretty uneventful.

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