Thursday, July 15, 2010

welcome to my school.

As promised, here is a tour and introduction to Bambini Learning Program... are you ready?

welcome to my school

Owned by an American believer and his Taiwanese wife, Bambini originally served as a montessori-type Chinese school, and has recently been developed into an English school. Most classes consist of children between the ages of 4 and 10, at varying levels of English, and take place after school daily. The exception is our current summer program, which has been running during the daytime. Unlike many bushibans (English cram schools in Taiwan), Bambini is dedicated not only to English education, but also to the development of character and a love for learning.

the front room where parents and children hang out...

I love how the school is focused on promoting families... this front room is often crowded with parents and children hanging out before or after classes. Our staff is small, and we feel like one happy family!

my classroom

My classroom...

my classroom's environment

For our summer program, both classes have created an environment of clay, sand, and water. The students are creating clay sea animals... so fun! After a few weeks, we will "pollute" the environment with trash and an oil spill, demonstrating to the students the importance of maintaining a clean world. I think the project is fantastic!

whales... by my students
Whales... by my students.

In all honestly, I feel incredibly blessed to have this job. I am loving teaching, and feel excited about the many opportunities to love and impact these children. Thank you for your prayers!

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