Sunday, August 29, 2010

english club

It was never my intention to take a month-long hiatus from blogging... unfortunately, my work schedule and various other commitments left me little time for much else! No worries, though... beginning this week, my teaching hours will drop significantly as summer program has come to an end, and regular school begins tomorrow. I am greatly looking forward to a bit of a slower-paced schedule!

Despite the busyness of this month, we have still enjoyed hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones, and exploring new parts of Taipei, both within the city and outside of it. For the last 5 weeks, Ben and I have been privileged to help out with an English Club for high schoolers at Truth Church. Each week, our team of foreigners taught an English lesson, played games with the students, and shared briefly about spiritual topics, which they then discussed in small groups led by Taiwanese coworkers. We feel blessed to have been able to help out, and thoroughly enjoyed it!

English Club at Truth

Hope the rest of your summer is shaping up well!

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