Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishing you a happy Moon Festival! Today is one of Taiwan's three major holidays, known as Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, held on the 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese calendar, when the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest. Traditionally on this day, Taiwanese family members and friends will gather to eat pomelos and mooncakes, and admire the bright harvest moon.

We enjoyed a day off from teaching and tutoring, and were priveleged to take part in a Taiwanese barbecue, thanks to friends from church!


I received a couple of boxes of mooncakes from students and parents... love my job! They are often elaborately wrapped and packaged, as this box is above. These small cakes are most traditionally filled with a sweet bean paste and an egg (yes, we tried them)... but we are a bit more keen on those with fruity fillings, like apricot, grape, and cranberry. :)

a mooncake 月餅 (yuèbĭng)

I also received a few pomelos 柚子. They taste similar to a grapefruit,
but not as juicy. Delicious!

Enjoying a typical Taiwanese barbecue this evening...


This is our moon tonight... reminds me that for many of you back home, you will see this same moon as your sun sets later today. The world is not so big after all! We love you all, and wish you a Happy Moon Festival from Taipei.

P.S. For many of you who have been praying about Ben's visa, thank you! We will find out more tomorrow, and will be sure to keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hot off the Press

Yesterday I posted a prayer update but, as of today, we have another big prayer request. Many of you may have heard about my previous visa issues. We thought that everything was all taken care of. Well....surprise! I found out that there are more problems and I will probably have to take a visa run (meaning leave the country). We are looking into tickets to Hong Kong. Please just pray that, if its the Lord's will, I wouldn't have to leave. But if I do have to leave pray that these visa complications would get sorted out and that leaving and returning would go smoothly. There are all sorts of potholes that are possible that we are a little bit worried about.

Thanks for your prayers....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prayer Update

I know that there are many of you who read this that consistently pray for us. We are extremely grateful for that. While our transition over has been relatively easy, it has not been without its own challenges and roadbumps (maybe sometime we will write a post completely devoted to the cultural and practical struggles in moving to a foreign country). In order for you to be able to pray more specifically for us, here are a couple of requests that we would ask you lift up to our Father.

1. Beth and I are both getting into the groove of our new jobs. We are really thankful that God has provided us with jobs that are meeting our needs and providing some great experiences.
2. We are thankful for the community of believers that the Lord has placed us in. They have been a great help and encouragement to us in so many ways.
3. The Lord has brought a couple of unsaved Taiwanese ladies into Beth's life. We have prayed for this and Beth is excited to continue nurturing these relationships.

1. Beth and I both have a class that is...difficult, to say the least. We feel that perhaps some of the kids in these classes would gain more from the stocks than an English class :). Please pray for patience, wisdom, and our sanity.
2. Starting October 1st, we will be involved with a ministry in our church that reaches out to unsaved adults via English. Pray that this would be a fruitful endeavor (more to come on this later).
3. Please pray for us as we are applying to seminaries and Beth is taking the GRE (which is required for admission into her program, not just because she thinks it would be fun :). Please pray that we would be diligent in looking to the future, yet content and effective in our day to day life here.

Again, we appreciate all of you... our friends and family. If any of you aren't friends or family, we appreciate your prayers too. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

life lately...

Happy September! We can hardly believe that summer has come to an end, and we're going on our third month here in Taipei. Our time has been flying by... here is an update of what's been happening.

A couple of weeks ago, after a crazy few days of running to several post offices and having my wonderful coworkers write notes pleading for help, we received our first package! Little did we know that the random pink slip (in Chinese, of course) in our mailbox indicated a package waiting for us at our local post office... or I would most definitely not have chucked it with the rest of our junk mail! Needless to say, Jana's package was found and delivered to my school, to the great delight of my concerned coworkers and curious students. Jana thoughtfully included chocolate and caramel, books, and photos (seriously, it had my name written all over it).
Thanks Jana!
with a few of my students
A couple of weekends ago, in an adventuresome spirit, we decided to try and find a beach mentioned in our trusty Lonely Planet Guide to Taiwan. Kayt and Kalan joined us, and with little difficulty, we found our way to Baishawan Beach and discovered that we loved it! I must say, it is still quite fantastic to this Midwestern girl that I can access a real beach in only an hour or so... I could get used to this.

(this is for you, Mom...xoxo)

Baishawan Beach 白沙灣

This past weekend, we were blessed to attend a retreat organized by some of our foreigner and Taiwanese friends. The retreat highlighted Taiwanese culture, and provided both great information and fellowship. We were encouraged to hear the testimonies of Taiwanese friends, and were edified to spend quality time with believers in a beautiful setting.

with friends

traditional Taiwanese hot pot for dinner


our group

In other news, September also marks the start of the school year (big shock, I know)... which means that both Ben and I are now teaching "regular" hours: afternoon to early evening. We are excited to finally settle into a normal schedule and are finding our days more meaningful and productive.


We continue to be overwhelmed by your love and support, and are thankful for your prayers. Love to you all...


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