Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wishing you a happy Moon Festival! Today is one of Taiwan's three major holidays, known as Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, held on the 15th day of the eight month in the Chinese calendar, when the moon is supposedly at its fullest and roundest. Traditionally on this day, Taiwanese family members and friends will gather to eat pomelos and mooncakes, and admire the bright harvest moon.

We enjoyed a day off from teaching and tutoring, and were priveleged to take part in a Taiwanese barbecue, thanks to friends from church!


I received a couple of boxes of mooncakes from students and parents... love my job! They are often elaborately wrapped and packaged, as this box is above. These small cakes are most traditionally filled with a sweet bean paste and an egg (yes, we tried them)... but we are a bit more keen on those with fruity fillings, like apricot, grape, and cranberry. :)

a mooncake 月餅 (yuèbĭng)

I also received a few pomelos 柚子. They taste similar to a grapefruit,
but not as juicy. Delicious!

Enjoying a typical Taiwanese barbecue this evening...


This is our moon tonight... reminds me that for many of you back home, you will see this same moon as your sun sets later today. The world is not so big after all! We love you all, and wish you a Happy Moon Festival from Taipei.

P.S. For many of you who have been praying about Ben's visa, thank you! We will find out more tomorrow, and will be sure to keep you posted.


  1. Hey Ben and Beth,
    Ben, this is your FAVORITE cousin!!! :-) Mom just sent me the link to your blog! This is GREAT! THANKS!!!! Do you guys e-mail much? Maybe we could get in touch that way. Looks like you are doing well! It has been FOREVER since I saw you!!!
    Can you guess who I am???? :-) AHHAHAHAHHAA

  2. Hmm... it's got to be Shelly? :)

  3. Beth and Ben,
    Just testing to see if I can comment now. Just love your blog and follow you guys daily.



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