Sunday, November 28, 2010

Man vs. Food: Season II

This past Sunday, Beth and I had a chance to go to a traditional night market.

a night market

Think... a street with a myriad of vendors selling everything from food,
to clothes, to....who knows.

night market food

Think...a claustrophobic's nightmare. There are so many people around you that you can't really walk but simply shuffle from one place to another.


Think...your smelly socks hanging 5 inches from your nose (due primarily to a local favorite: stinky tofu). That is about what a night market it like. And...we had a great time. We went with our Chinese teacher, along with a couple friends and classmates. We were able to try numerous different foods. Below are pictures of the many delicacies that graced our palate.

chicken foot

[chicken's foot]

[This critic gives it a thumb to the middle... that means it was "okay".] 

duck's head

[duck's head]

[Let's just say... it wasn't my favorite.]

[candied peanut shavings with several flavored ice creams on a thin tortilla = delicious]

[ice cream "pancake" in hand = also delicious]

All in all, it was a great experience. We thoroughly enjoyed using our limited Chinese to sample these many foreign treats, and look forward to going back for a dinner again soon.

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