Wednesday, December 15, 2010

our bistmas twee

On my way home from a friend's house a couple of nights ago, I noticed a little boy walking with his father, and heard this in a perfect child-like voice:

Oooooh bistmas twee, ooooh bistmas twee
Ba ba ba boo boo bwanches
Ooooh bistmas twee, ooooh bistmas twee
Ba ba ba boo boo bwanches
Ba ba ba boooo...
(you get the idea)

I laughed out loud... so loud in fact that the father turned to look at me. He wasn't smiling, maybe finding the tune a bit old, and cursing those darn English teachers who fill his son's mind with such songs. Ah well.

It did motivate me, however, to show you our Christmas tree, and share a bit about what Christmas looks like for us this year.


our flat, very cozy and perfect for us


our tree, thanks to my sweet mom!
(yes, complete with a tree skirt and nativity)


our stockings
(grand total of $.60)


All in all, Christmas is very simple this year. Many of the typical indulgences and favorites of this time of year are absent for us, and being away from our families adds an extra measure of difficulty. Without the usual distractions, however, we're encouraged to spend a bit more time reflecting on Christ.
For this, I am so thankful.
And, come on, it's not everyday that I get to hear
ooooh bistmas twee...

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