Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Little Mermaid, Revised Edition.

the little mermaid

Stories have been the trend at school the past few weeks, as I have been teaching the past tense to my level C students.

Some students write slowly and carefully.

Some just struggle a bit with stories in general.

And then some come up with absolute masterpieces.

I've read my fair share of the Three Little Pigs, Snow White, and most recently, the Little Mermaid. And while I'd love to keep these brilliant works all to myself, I just can't help but think you might enjoy a good couple of chuckles too.
(these appear as the students wrote them)

Once upon a time, there was a mermaid. She lived in the ocean. One day, she saw a ship. The prince was on the ship. But there was a storm. The prince fell in the water. The mermaid watched the prince. The mermaid helped the prince to the beach. She went to the sea monster home. The mermaid asked the sea monster, "I want to drink magic medicine." The sea monster gave the mermaid magic medicine. She had two legs! The prince saw the mermaid and said, "Do you want to dance with me?" The mermaid said, "Okay." And the prince asked, "Do you want to marry me?" The mermaid said, "Okay." And they had happy every days!

Once upon a time, there was a big girl. Her name was Mermaid. One day, she saw a big ship. She saw the prince fall into the water. The mermaid took the prince to the beach. The prince woke up. He said, "Wait, don't go." But the mermaid went into the water. One day, a sea monster helped Mermaid to have legs. The sea monster gave Mermaid a magic medicine. Mermaid drank the magic medicine and she had legs, but she couldn't talk. She went back to the beach. She saw prince married another girl. She was sad. The End.

Once upon a time, there was a little Mermaid. She lived in a castle. One day, she saw a ship. She saw a handsome man. It was raining. The handsome man fell in the water. She helped the handsome man swim to the beach. When he got up, she swam to the water. She wanted legs. She asked the sea monster, "Can you help me to have some legs?" The sea monster said, "When you drink this magic medicine, you will have legs." The mermaid drank the magicine. And she had legs. The handsome man saw her. He took her to his castle. They loved and liked each other. And they got married.

The End.

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