Friday, February 11, 2011

the Philippines, in photos

We arrived early Saturday morning in this squatter village on the outskirts of Manila.

street scene

street boys

The street kids loved having their photos taken, and then came running over to have a look themselves.

they love having their photo taken

Children's Home

I spent a few days (and a long night) here, at KIM's children's home.

setting the tables

two weeks old

This little guy is three weeks old.

stole my heart

I spent most of one night caring for Cedric, who is six months old and only 8 lbs. He stole my heart.


Yuki and I hit it off quite literally when the corner of his juice bottle smacked into the bridge of my nose. We were fast friends.

good morning!

Ben loves Jacob, most especially for his hair.

really love her

Princess and I played on the swings until she fell asleep in my lap. Later that day, I helped her wash and comb her hair before her nap. Precious moments.


Kayt and I enjoyed playing...


...and running in a 5k put on by KIM to
break the cycle of poverty through education.

early morning

We were blessed with some time to travel outside of Manila.
Early morning at Taal Volcano.

with friends, Kalan & Kayt

our fellow Asia adventurers

so refreshing

this boat ride was my favorite part of the whole trip

at the American Cemetery in Manila

so...long story about the hair.

Oh... and this happened to my hair. It's a long story. I'll tell you someday.

overlooking Manila

Ben and I overlooking Manila at Faith Academy.
And the end result of the hair story.

at the waterfall

We swam at this waterfall. And it was amazing.

sunset over Manila

a sunset over Manila

Five days later, we boarded a plane, and arrived home in Taipei.


  1. Love all the photos of Manila.
    My heart goes out to the children in the orphanage.
    Do red-heads have more fun?

  2. Great Pictures! (Love the hair!)

  3. didn't you just want to take all those adorabble kids home with you!!?

  4. Yes, Mom, it was definitely fun to be a redhead for a few days!

    Sarah- we did just want to take them home, Ben included. But we're encouraged that they are receiving really good care in the hands of some sweet women... that makes it a little easier. :)



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