Monday, February 7, 2011

yes, Packers.

Not gonna lie. I kinda wish I was in Green Bay right now. In all honesty, celebrating my hometown team's world championship title is just not quite the same here in Taiwan. No madness, mayhem, holiday, or parade through the whole town. In fact, most people here are a bit oblivious to...well, definitely this cherished (and over-hyped) American sporting event... but more importantly, to my sheer amazement and delight over my team's ultimate success this year.
Shocking, I know.

But someone has to hold the torch here in Taiwan, right? We did enjoy watching the game this morning with a surprising number of friends and Packer fans. But I do miss my crazy family celebrations (a shout out to my aunts Twila, Lyn, Deb, and Ellayne, who are undoubtedly the loudest fans in all of Wisconsin) and my favorite Packer fan, Dad. So while you're all raising your glasses, think of me, okay?




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