Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. Their names were Alvin, Melvin, and Bill. These young piggies were coming of age and recognized that the time had come to move out of their parents crib and into their own digs. Before leaving, they sat down to talk over their future plans.

a brick house

Alvin began with his intentions, "I think I will build a hut of our straw. It gets very humid here in Piggyland and a straw hut will allow great ventilation." Melvin enthusiastically nodded his head, "Great idea, Alvin. I'm sure that will work out very well for you. There is more than one way to build a house." Alvin and Melvin smiled at each other while Bill grimaced.

Their heads then turned to Melvin. "I have decided that I will build a stick cabin. I've always wanted a stick cabin with that rustic, earthy feel. I think it will be great for me!" Alvin shook his head in concurrence. "There is more than one way to build a house, Melvin. I'm sure a stick cabin will work out splendidly for you."

The little piggies heads then turned to Bill, whose frown had only deepened. "If you have ears, hear this. There is a big bad wolf lurking in the area and, sooner or later, he will come for us. Though there might be many ways to build a house, there is only one way that will ensure your safety. That is why I plan to build a house of brick. If you two are wise, you will do the same." Alvin and Melvin looked at Bill dumfounded. "Of course the wolf will come after us. He comes after every little pig," stated Alvin with a condescending air. "Yes, I can't believe that you are so narrow-minded as to believe that a brick house is the only one that can keep us safe. You've always been so intolerant of people with other ideas," stated Melvin. "Don't you think you are being a bit naive?" asked Alvin.

Bill, with sympathy in his eyes, shook his head. "I love you both and only want you to know the truth. Narrow-mindedness and intolerance have nothing to do with it." Alvin and Melvin looked at him angrily, "Yes it does! You are narrow-minded because you refuse to acknowledge that our houses will save us just as well as your house will save you." Bill opened the door to leave before glancing over his shoulder. "Just because you want something to be true doesn't make it so. How can I give credence to something I believe to be absolutely wrong, especially when it involves the lives of my brothers?" With that, he was gone.

a straw house

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