Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very Funnies

-One of my elementary kids comes over to me during break and begins to stroke my arm. "Annieca, what are you doing?" "I'm feeling your fur," she replies.

-We had a show the other day for Mother's Day. I was in the room with my little boys as they were putting their costumes on. On of my little boys was hesitant to change with all the other kids in there. Finally, with some encouragement, he went to it but only after he made it clear, "Underwear is not funny."

-The same little boy was telling me the other day about his video game system. Being the nice boy that he is, "Teacher Ben, you can come over to my house and play. Ask your mommy." about it, mommy? Can I go over to Flynn's house?

-In class we are talking about different jobs. When asked what jobs they wanted to do, I was informed by a couple of little girls that their dream jobs were at 7-11 and McDonalds.

-The other day, my little kids and I were in writing class. I noticed Vera holding her pencil super tight. "Vera, don't hold your pencil so tightly. You're going to get tired." She goes on to inform me that she needs to hold her pencil tightly. It helps her to be a monkey and do the monkey bars.

-Word of the day: niggling. On a test, rather than writing "nibbling," a student came up with "niggling."

-Lawrence was writing about me the other day and in his composition he described me as having "only a little hair."

-Duke was expounding the benefits of bread the other day and stated that, "Bread will help you be high." Who knew? I guess bread is the new coke.


  1. Yes you may go over to your friend's house. Just make sure you are home early if it is a school night!

  2. These are great, Ben. Thanks for sharing! And what did Mommy say about going to Flynn's house?



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