Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting Tidbits

Thought I'd jot a quick note about some interesting happenings in class lately. Last week, I got the chance to introduce smores to my young kindergarteners. I'm pretty sure none of them have ever tasted this good ol' American treat. Not having a campfire on hand, we used big number birthday candles to roast them. It did the trick and I think the kids even enjoyed them.

Last week I got to teach the kids about the circus. I've included a picture below. If you look closely, at the top I drew a smashingly, good tiger.

Flynn: "Why there is sharp things on his head?"
Me: "Flynn, those are teeth."
Flynn: "No! On top?"
Me: "Those are ears."
Flynn: "There only one."

What can I say...I'm not an artist.

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