Monday, July 4, 2011

Man vs. Food: Time for Dessert

A few weeks ago, your beloved host got to sample another local Taiwanese delicasy. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to spell it, but my best shot would be, "Do won." This is a soup-like dessert that is relished by the locals. Our friends assured us that this was the good stuff as a granny-looking lady was the one to make it. I guess in Taiwan they have the same perspective we do....if an old grandmotherly woman has made it then it's got to be good. After all, she's had a lot of time to practice.

This dessert consisted of brown sugar, a form of tofu, green beans (not the vegetable), and ice. Yum?


I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't rank up there with Mom's No Bake Cookies, but it wasn't bad. Beth and I were sharing one... let me just say that I had to eat just about the whole thing.

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