Monday, October 13, 2014

3+ years later...

Dear friends and family,

Hello again! We hope this finds you all well. We've already enjoyed our first snowflakes of the season, and Ben is anxiously looking forward to another polar-vortex winter of window washing. We are, in fact, so thankful for the way the Lord has provided for us throughout this seminary season, and want to give a bit of an update, outlining both what's been happening and what's next. 

It's been three years and three months since we returned from our year in Taiwan. A lot has happened since then! The Lord provided jobs for us right away, and we began studying at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in late August of 2011. In November, we found out that the Lord was blessing us with our first child. Norah Joy was born on July 24, 2012. 

In the meantime, Ben began window washing, and has held this position throughout our time here. The Lord has provided so well for us through this job, as well as through other unexpected and amazing gifts (perhaps more on that later). Beth slowed her studies to part-time, and began working on Trinity's campus one day a week. 

In August of 2013, we discovered we were expecting a second child. The Lord blessed us with another daughter, Stella Kate, born on April 20th, 2014. 

A month later in May 2014, Beth graduated from Trinity with a Masters in Christian Studies. 

This fall, Ben began his final year at Trinity, with an anticipated graduation in May 2015. 

In these past three+ years, we have continued to sense that the Lord is leading us into overseas ministry, with a particular focus on theological education. We have prayed for confirmation in this direction, and opportunities arose in our church for Ben to teach. Through encouragement from others, confirmation in Ben's teaching, our understanding of the need for theological training elsewhere, and our desire to serve internationally, we have been seeking the Lord for direction in what's next for our family. 

Currently, we are exploring opportunities in South Africa and Namibia. We are excited about these options, and will keep you updated.

If you are interested in receiving our ministry updates, please let us know and we'll put you on our mailing list. 

We are thankful for your prayers and encouragement along this journey!

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