Thursday, November 11, 2010

meet Ivan

So I've come to a realization. We often post about our trips, our grand adventures, and our latest disasters, but rarely to we post about our life... the randomness of certain experiences, the funniest things our students say, the bizarre diversity of culture, or the way we're making life work in a completely different country. Maybe you don't care. And really, that's okay. :) But if you do, we'll make a point to keep you updated a bit more often... about the daily adventures and flops of life in Taiwan.

With that said, I thought I'd introduce you to Ivan, one the students I tutor on the side (in addition to my regular teaching job where I have several classes full of lovely students). He's five, and his English is perhaps the best of any student I teach. And he's a hoot (that's a bonus). After class recently, he gave me this note with firm instructions: "Don't open it until you get home, okay? OKAY??" Alright, Ivan.

from Ivan

It made my day. What a brown-noser. And he's got to learn how to spell my name. That's next week.

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