Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a weekend in the gorge

On the positive side, there are so many interesting things to see here in Taiwan. On the negative side, there is so little time to see it all. This past weekend, Beth and I decided to get out of the city and see a bit more of Taiwan. Saturday morning, we hopped on a train and rode about 2 1/2 hours southeast to Taroko National Park. Incredible is the word that comes to mind. Pictures don't do it justice. We were only able to spare a day and half to see Taroko Gorge, and it wasn't nearly enough time to see all there is to see.

I know how boring it can be when blogs are too wordy. Therefore, I'm going to give you our weekend in bullet points (then you can look at Beth's pictures).

- Got there and a marathon was going on
- Hiked a trail still inhabited by indigenious people
- Felt like we were walking through the set of Lost
- Got stranded, as the marathon shut down the free shuttle bus
- Found our camping site and had it all to ourselves
- Slept to the sounds of a rushing river for 12 (!) hours
- Walked up the highway to a little town
- Discovered a Buddhist resort thing on the side of the mountain
- Climbed the Buddhist tower
- Found a little Presbyterian Church
- Had trouble finding a trail that was open (rotten rockslides)
- Thought we were starring in Jurassic Park
- Hiked as it started to rain
- Wore hardhats through a cave
- Met a German guy who tagged along with us
- Got stranded again
- Met some great Taiwanese folks who gave us a ride to the train station
- Made it home safe and sound


...we didn't linger.




This is the closest we've seen to autumn colors this year... a happy sight.

Ben chatting with our German friend

We felt so much safer...


Ben made it! Only to quickly descend after discovering and aggravating a nest of killer bees.

our campsite


It was a refreshing and restful weekend for us... as we enjoyed the beauty of God's creation, we felt overwhelmed by His majesty.

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