Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and the winner IS...

Many of you are aware that it has been our desire to go back to school. In fact, we have been excited about the possibility ever since... well, since we graduated from Moody over two years ago. Researching seminaries has been my hobby over the past couple years. In a weird sort of way, I have really enjoyed comparing all of the various options. It is difficult enough to choose a school when there is only one person making the decision, let alone two. I could write a lot on the process... the seesawing and evaluating involved. BUT I'll keep it short for the sake of ya'll.

Lake Michigan from Lakeshore Drive, Chicago. December 2008, the month we graduated from Moody.
A couple of weeks ago, we found out that we were both accepted to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, located right outside of Chicago. Yes, we'll be heading back to the Windy City. The Lord has confirmed this school to both of us through what has been an amazing process, and we are so excited. We will be enrolling for the fall of 2011 with Beth in the Mental Health Counseling program and myself in the Master of Divinity program. Anyway, that's the big news in our lives lately, and we're excited to share it with you. We continue to be thankful for your encouragement and prayer.


  1. Oh this makes me SO, SO happy!! Imagine being within a few hours of each other...

  2. we are so excited for you guys!!! what an exciting time! even though you will still be quite a ways away from us...hopefully we can still hang out sometimes!
    we will be praying for you you

  3. Yay Jana... I know!! Especially if you guys are in Milwaukee... :)

    Thanks Sarah...we definitely NEED to see you guys and meet Gemma! Love you too...



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