Wednesday, January 5, 2011

two worlds

This morning, I spent an hour working on my financial aid application for Trinity.


Once I was finished, I pulled out my Chinese homework to study before my class this afternoon.

writing chinese

In some ways, I feel very much like I live in two separate worlds. As we look ahead to next year, there are many details to take care of, decisions to be made, and plans to secure. All of this is done with great anticipation for us... we are finally on our way to seminary!

At the same time, I walk out the door and find myself completely immersed in an Asian world that knows nothing of Trinity or our plans. I find myself anticipating seeing my students and teaching them this afternoon. I pray for my Taiwanese friend with whom I will have dinner tonight. And I am excited to have my Chinese lesson and learn just a little more about how to communicate with this side of the world. My Chinese teacher asked me last time we met,

"You are leaving in the summer? Why do you still want to study Mandarin?"

And I thought about it for a minute. Really, I want to study Mandarin because it is the language of the country I am living in, and I desire every day to communicate, at least on a very basic level, with the people I meet and know. Will I ever use Chinese again? I have no idea. Is it the best use of our money right now? My sweet husband has only ever been encouraging as I pursue studying, and I am so grateful.

The Lord has taught me much this year about living each day intentionally. My days in Taiwan are numbered, as the to-do list for next year reminds me. I truly want to be all here, while I am still here. And so I continue to cross off task by task on my to-do list... and then I sit down, and I study Chinese.

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  1. Amen that's one of the hardest things i feel. Keep strong. Remember that your help comes from the Lord the maker of the Heavens and the Earth. Keep giving Him praise where every you are (Taiwan or Chicago). I can't wait to meet you both.



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