Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beitou Hot Springs

A couple weekends ago, we took the time to go to some nearby hot springs with our friend, TJ.

with TJ

Soaking in the hot springs is a common practice here in Taiwan. It seems to be an especially big hit with the older generation. Perhaps because it, supposedly, has some sort of medicinal value. We spent a grand total of $40 NT/each to enter these public hot springs, which comes out to be about $1.30 for about two hours.

Beitou hot springs

There are different pools of varying tempatures. At the bottom of the hill is the you've-got-to-be-a-wussy pool. Next is the you've-almost-earned-your-chest-hair pool. At the top of the hill is the you-better-be-old-and-losing-nerve-endings-or-you-are-going-to-toast-your-bum bum pool (we lasted in that one all of about 5 minutes before our bum bums toasted). Needless to say, that pool was mostly filled with the 50-year veterans. There are also a couple of cold pools. We think the idea is to work your way up the mountain until you get to the hottest pool. When you can't take that go down and hop in the cold pool. A word of warning: don't change from hot to cold too fast or it will leave your head spinning. We were all feeling a bit dizzy at the end.

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