Saturday, January 22, 2011

Longshan Temple

Since we arrived in Taipei, we have been meaning to go to one of the city's most famous temples.

at Longshan Temple

Longshan Temple dates back to 1738, and like many other temples in Taiwan, it is multidenominational. The central deity worshipped is Guanyin (commonly known in English as the goddess of mercy), though the temple enshrines 165 other deities, ranging from the patron of scholarly pursuits, the gods of military and business pursuits, and Matsu, the goddess who is believed to provide safe return of travelers by land or sea.

At the time we visited the temple, there were hoards of people lighting incense and chanting hypnotically. In all honestly, though this experience was intriuging, I was very overwhelmed with an expected sense of heaviness as I observed so many lost souls worshipping anything but our True God.

at Longshan Temple

incense burning

We left feeling overwhelmed by the lostness of these people... and with a renewed burden to continue sharing the good news of Jesus. We ask that you continue to pray with us for this nation and these people.

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