Monday, March 28, 2011


A few funnies, from my class:

-We are learning a song for a show that we are putting on in May. The song is Mama Mia by ABBA and one of the lines sings, "Blue, since the day we parted." One of my little girls, Romy, unknowingly decided to improve the song with a line reading, "Blue, since the day we farted."

-I was thumping the back of my head against the wall one day and Henry all of a sudden shouts, "Stop!!" "Why, Henry?" "You will be stupid," he replies. Glad to know I'm not there yet.

-There is a small aquarium at our school with some colorful fish inside. All the kids like to look at them. The other day, Flynn decides to inform me that they are "garbage fish." He then proceeds to give me a discourse on them. I found out later that "garbage fish" is a literal translation of what they are called in Chinese.

And from Beth:

- Lately, I've been teaching my youngest class bits of phonics. "Oo" is one of our current sounds. We eat a lot of noodles here, so I thought it would be a great, practical, "oo" word to teach my kids. I wrote the word on the board, and drew a bunch of squiggles next to it. "Class, NOODLES." Tiger raised his hand, "Teacher, that's not noodles. That's messy!"

- Sandra came into class in a bit of a flurry one day. "My daddy...he's in the hospital." "Oh no! What's the matter?" I said. "He's... he has a rock... here." She points to her belly. "Oh..." I say, "In his stomach???" Sandra explains, "Mommy says its because he doesn't drink enough water!" A rock? Right. Got it. Poor man.


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