Thursday, March 31, 2011

a smattering

The sun has come out... this week, finally. And it's been very happily received. So happily, in fact, that I have bid my cold farwell for good. I'm sincerely hoping that fresh air and vitamin D are the perfect remedy.

goodbye, cold.

The only thing between me and this, however, is my big, bad statistics class (a prerequisite for my grad program). This has, unfortunately, been requiring exorbitent amounts of my time. Within a few weeks, however, I shall also bid him farwell... forever. On the bright side, just studying anything has been so enjoyable that I can hardly wait to study something that I actually care about. Amazing!


On a cultural note, the Taiwanese are excellent gift givers, especially when visiting our home, at traditional holidays, or, in this case, when cancelling class. Ben and I both tutor for a sweet family (Remember when we got locked out of our flat and a kind family came to our rescue? Yes, this family. Who knew what would come of our folly? God, of course. What a sense of humor.) Anyway, they cancelled on Monday, and to our delight, we had an extended evening. The dad felt bad, though, and proceeded to bring us this gift.

a gift...

Very kind. Yes. But what on earth am I going to do with all of these rolls??? We have received quite the variety of gifts, but this one may have surprised us the most. Maybe they think we eat a lot, we thought. Great. Or, maybe they found these on sale? At any rate, Ben has quickly made a dent, and they will be appreciated for months to come... (and hopefully no longer).

And finally, with hints of spring in Taipei, I thought to teach Audrey (a 3 year-old I tutor) to make tissue paper flowers.


She loved it! It was quite the hit.


The inspiration behind this project? My husband. You may not have known, but he really is quite crafty (in more than just one way). When we were in college, he surprised me with a lovely display of tissue paper flowers, which adorned my desk for quite some time. I loved them! After all, they're cheap, and they last nearly forever, right?

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