Saturday, April 23, 2011


From time to time, I enjoy posting a quote or a couple of paragraphs that I find to be particularly thought provoking. I took this excerpt from a book that I have been reading lately. Regardless of whether or not the author is correct on every point, he seeks to cause the reader to think practically about what it means to be active in the process of sanctification. It is a good example of someone striving to think Biblically rather than letting his pastor, politician, or pocketbook drive his views.

We conclude that sanctification* is not complete without social concern. Sanctification means that we must seek to promote justice for all, through legislation, political action, and the use of the media. We must oppose all forms of injustice: racism, the oppression of minorities, the treatment of workers as machines instead of people, and the like. Sanctification means opposition to abortion on demand, since it causes the murder of millions of potential image-bearers of God. Sanctification means concern for the education of our children; this implies not only the establishment and maintenance of Christian schools, but also regard for the welfare of public schools.
Growth in sanctification requires concern for the environment - using our influence to oppose air pollution, water pollution, irresponsible use of land, irresponsible harvesting of forests, and the like. It means being burdened about world hunger, and working for the alleviation of poverty. It means involvement in the war against drugs, in drug rehabilitation, and in the restoration of alcoholics. It includes concern for better prisons and for programs aimed at reducing crime. It means diligence in working for world peace and for an end to the disastrous nuclear armament race.

All such concerns are an aspect of our sanctification. We must conscientiously seek to implement Christian principles in every area of life. This is what it means to be a loyal subject of Christ our King.

*Sanctification- The process in which we are progressively made more like Christ.

Taken from Saved by Grace by Anthony Hoekema

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