Monday, May 2, 2011

I came home tonight to the news of Bin Laden's death in the form of an email from the missionaries I stayed with in Pakistan in the summer of 2008. At first, I didn't understand. Then I jetted over to some news sites to read the full story. My heart initially broke at this news, for many reasons, but especially in light of the burden and concern I have for this country.

Abbottabad is the town I lived outside of and traveled to each day during my time in Pakistan. The friends I have in Pakistan all live in this area, and I ask for your prayers for them during this time. They generally work either at a Christian girls' school that I taught at, or a hospital, which serves to meet the needs of the entire Abbottabad community and surrounding areas. Neither of these establishments have saught to hide their Christian affiliations, but rather remain a light to their community. This is an excerpt from the email of the missionaries I stayed with:

"...we ask you to pray for this country and for safety for the work here. There will no doubt be reactions, both locally and country wide—stirred up by opposition parties and certain religious elements. Please pray for peace for this troubled country and the people whose lives are so often disrupted by the violence of this place. The vast majority of the people we serve are not party to the violence, but victims. These are very difficult times for them.

Thank you for your concern and prayer for us. We are certain we are where God wants us to be and have peace in our hearts. We want to be able to offer the gift of the Prince of Peace in these tumultuous times."

Thank you for praying with us.


  1. Our prayers are with your friends in Pakistan and the victims of this troubled country. And at the same time we are rejoicing at God's awesome protection of our daughter during her 2008 mission in Pakistan.
    Love you,



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