Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some fresh air.
When current circumstances seem to be a bit suffocating and the city becomes overwhelming, nothing is better for my soul (and sanity) than a trip to the coast. And, amazingly, the coast is very near on all sides here in Taiwan. :)

A few weekends ago, we day-tripped with our friends Jesse and Julianne out of the city to Yehliu, a unique peninsula along Taiwan's eastern coast. Yehliu boasts beautiful rock formations, pot holes, and fossils said to be formed by geological forces pushing Datun Mountain up from the sea below. It really is stunning! Julianne and I delighted in endless photo taking, while our ever-enduring husbands slowly led the way around the peninsula.

the coastline

a refreshing day for us
A refreshing day for us.

do you like our new hats?
Do you like our new hats?

the Candle rocks
the "Candle Rocks"

with Jesse and Julianne


  1. looks like you had a great time!! Glad to hear that the visa issues are hopefully all settled.

  2. Gorgeous photos Beth!
    Praying all goes well for Ben and that he'll be back home soon.
    Love you much,



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